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Where to say my wedding was unique is a complete understatement. My incredibly thoughtful other half planned a surprise wedding for my 30th back in February and what a wedding it was. I had no idea what was happening until Christmas even when my little darling rang in to my bedroom with What I thought was a Christmas card she had made me, turns out it was an invitation to my own wedding in 5 weeks time....yes....I found out about my wedding 5 weeks before! after 12 years my husband gave me the second greatest gift anyone could give....his whole life. Everything and I mean everything was planned...the venue, the cake, the decorations, the hen, the stag the lot (I did get to pick my dress) although everything was arranged there was one thing I really wanted to have an input in and that was my flowers. A friend had previously arranged for a very talented florist to create my flowers but I had my heart set on Lauren and Grace the moment I heard the words "will you marry me?" I had been following Brier and Bud’s creations for a while and I knew that they would completely understand my vision of a wild and romantic winter wedding. I sent the ladies of Brier and Bud a few Pinterest shots and after a lovely meeting with Lauren and Grace I was confident that I would have the wedding flowers I dreamed of. I had a very tight budget for my flowers and I honestly worried that I wouldn’t be able to have my vision but low and behold these talented ladies created my bouquet, button holes, a flower crown and even a little posy for my Posie (my daughter).....and it brought tears to all of our eyes when Grace delivered them on the morning of our wedding. It wasn’t what I was so much more...the beauty they created on such a small budget was was beyond anything I expected. With a mixture of Burgundy faux peony’s (they were out of season in February) foliage and stunning in season flowers Brier and Bud gave my wedding the finishing touch I wanted and I cannot recommend these lovely ladies enough. Thanks again Lauren and Grace...such talent!

Jamie and Daniel

Lauren  Freddie-1245_edited.jpg

Well, as one half of Brier and Bud my wedding was an opportunity to try out styling ideas and show off our skills to our friends and families. Freddie and I were overwhelmed by the way our venue looked in the end and we are so happy to have lots of beautiful, vintage items to share with future bride's and groom's!

Lauren and Freddie


Organising a wedding and all the little things can get stressful but sorting my flowers couldn’t have been more straight forward. Over coffee I met with Lauren and Grace to discuss my wedding bouquets and button holes, it was clear that I was in safe hands as Lauren had already done some research on my venue and had  come up with some ideas for me. I found this so helpful as me being me knows nothing about flowers and I was relying on their expertise to come up with something I would be happy with. Both ladies knew exactly what they were talking about and I felt more than happy to let them work freely as I had no particular taste. They were able to work to a budget and kept in touch during the run up the my wedding with ideas & bits they had created. I was absolutely blown away at the finished product, all the bouquets, button holes and corsages were genuinely genuinely beautiful, the attention to detail was incredible, it was obvious just how much work had gone into creating such stunning pieces.

Olivia and Danny

A dreamy summer evening last year. We ar

In the lead up to my wedding I became fascinated with finding seasonal flowers that I loved which would work with the style I wanted to create. I started taking a florist course, began growing my own flowers and I haven't looked back! I also loved creating a personal touch by gathering various antique items to fill the venue. I'm looking forward to helping other happy couples create their perfect day!

Grace and Sean


Coming Soon!

Natalie and Nathan 

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